They’d been intricately underSTANDing how(?) to pause for a while whilst… taking singular and specific aim:: the sake of shame and other wIlDlY demented things shall —- have held no moreGrinding Of GroundOverThem, actually(.) AND for the sake of letting it all fall away, “they did what they do SECONDbest: they worshipped everyone else whilst they

—Seemingly achieved utmostUltimateCatharsis OfMindAndBrain and other wise and wicked things” – things which w-i-l-l -TIMEagain- seem to set their Predisposed souls Mightily alight.. frightful j-u-s-t how faaaaaaar(!!) and HARSHLY they had fought

For it ALLto come ChaOtic AndCrassssshingdowwwwnAround— “we weren’t even sleeping anymore.. let alone leaving the Door of timeOpen… to wHine And Dine”— for ourselves and with everyone else.

That tenfold thing called: chaotic derangementInTheFaceOfCarefree… animosity—.. “If there is a bristle in the breeze then.. we will need to start calling it free and easy, and East Of Idiotic Hindsight(?) Probably
been evenly selling themselves short for the sake of their

shameless intelligences . Awry- and some might even say: “bye, bye… .”