This makes enough sense by now
To simply stretch and take what is undeniably his and to continue to create it up as he goes along

They naturally never quite get to see him coming, too charmingly subtle atop altogether smooth for sudden mishap to ever truly occur

Soon as this mammoth ability sizes on up and begins to suitably speak for its righteous self, to not delve would be to do himself a terrifically lacklustre injustice of most unforgivable sorts

All about a petrifying level of disorderly order, unfathomable to simply remind to imagine – therein lies the behemoth backbone courtesy of past tragedy

This skin is built thicker than leather only twice as light, unimaginably sprightly when needs be

He really ought to meet this uncapped potential right at the thirst-ridden centre and to dress/stress himself on up to breathe like crazy

The taste he’s been constantly dreaming of – so close yet unserendipitously dosed in glassed-partition medication… ’til now, that is

Infatuated by all of the wrong things indeed, slurred decisions born from rushed and indecisive opinions, the beautiful mind that shall forever rely entirely upon your exact kind

Still to feel an untainted smile strip itself across these lovingly-equipped lips – this particular story will need to dissolve ’til but old ‘n worn folklore of its own

Soaked to the crying bone in final fate righteously related to which
If you thought he made you laugh when crazy, imagine this clown minus the frown, plus the pained upon crown