Arthritis had indeed set in
Setting itself apart wholeheartedly
In its own manner of speaking, of course
Never a war with any kind of word
Albeit tweaks here n’ there when it came to an utter inability to leave her chair
The ‘forever-chair, or so the customers do seem to say
Flailing for the most part of her day, painstaking times no doubt
Nevertheless, so very far from a dime a dozen it really is rather crazy
Frozen out, not so much, absolutely in touch with reality
Box full of pills – all kinds of colours
She. Just. Must.
An entirely separate sort of lust altogether, weather-permitting
Soon as she has her fill she will go right ahead and strip that frown away
Pray oh so silently, oft violently, for these agonising travails to so much as strip themselves away
One soothing slip at a time
One of a resounding kind