This beautiful city – sit and sip and simply – traffic-jam amalgamation – see

Burnt hot coffee, crisp as the day is stripped of any such inadequacy
Starbucks by a radiantly stood skyscraper-high corner

He/She/They/We’ve been meaning to meet right at the demonstrative middle

This darkened cloud exterior will be… unbelievably fixating, to whichever meaningful existence we stitch our travel-hardened souls and simply go…

An eye is an eye, is a wanderlust eye
Yet, my oh my, oh London why… have you captured and descriptively put in monstrously suggestive place all of our most fathomable dreams

We will wait a thousand lifetimes over to visit your breathing city again, pen and poised lens at the ready
Ignore your unfairly brexited / typically misplaced derision

Curtailed by govern-mental demons, who do absolutely next to nothing to destroy your very own unmatched, mammothly pressed against your better selves mentality

You are free… and we shall see it all amidst visual perfection

No interrupting anything – soon as a magnificent PICTURE captures a thousand WORDS
And bursts into night-sky light