They do say that there are sure-fire ways atop intricate tendencies to carry out so as to prioritisingly make that all-encompassing difference – to set yourself jovially apart rather, to stop their literary hearts, watch pulses pressed against leant over, concentrated chests whilst you take to delicately caring for the nerve-shackling rest
Settle say when they get to beat all over again – the race is on and it seems to be that this peculiarly driven pen was made for just such a heady occasion
Make yourself wholesomely a part of the whole delightfully disarming process, when bountifully pristine Bundoran opened on up and made us all one of its own, to have, to hold, to meet it right by the culturally hubbed middle and to Preach like crazy
Raise a glass in the lingering air, prepare your eyes to fixate right back around
Twiddle your thumbs to peer as we soar – gladly, fair magically some might go so far as to say, perhaps badge of honour worthy in a rapturously tapestried aside tantalised instance
These words will need to cause a sentimental stir, always did, to mentally uphold then ferociously sooth these wickerwork souls of ours – soon as a meticulous slur owes its livelihood to comedic sidebar of supportive sorts – the mix set to absolutely match
One hundred years following the last war of outright importance, and he’s about to wage his very own battle of hearts, only amidst the page this time which shall forever wait another eternity for him
The imagined, downright sought after legacy entirely reliant upon you and yours