Pallbearers whisper and move the behemoth thing
With impressively fashioned and gained upon trimmings stitched on strong to recall him so well

An army man’s very Last Stand, caressed to care by muscled wickerwork arms – aligned by trembling medals of hope to desperately cope

Proudened to pulsate

For he fell soon as he attempted to pick up these precious pieces – each as ferociously instigated and unsettling as the last
Had a blast though, didn’t we just
‘Fraid quite literally in this particularly perilous instance

Must remember a far more telling time – unwind and unravel, blind these brothers – in – tow warlocked minds with intricately set bouts of less upsetting 12 – Round brilliance

Drib – drab bounce – about beers our only ever lucrative weapon of jovial choice, when the guards came down to portray

‘The Temporary Clowns’ begging within to be freed to release, we suppose to propose to call ourselves in Fleeting jest

A resilience to pause for thought, a lonesome face placed to press against the coldened, deafened paw of utter longing – bring it all in again
And worship right by his flower – plated shrine

His wife crosses the path to unkind destruction, wipes away a frozen rose – petalled tear, pleads with us all for absolute honesty
Exactly What Happened When