One such river breathes soliloquy amidst We… and then a whole pockmarked town finally sees exactly what it’s been missing – something supremely liquefied til fixated inundated amidst our early am. ramblesome eye

Wanderlust to a shutter-speed point of bewildering anointment

Wherein one particularly fastidiously keen concentrated-eye photographer shall graphically take the silenced time… to gregariously glance aside tantalisingly catch it all and at authenticated will… they ever open their ears and listen, though?

All of this at ridiculously imaginative distance set to – with delicately played out time – thrill these eagerly awaiting people

Wherein this stiffened, whitewash, cold and dampened river remains to be peculiarly something which we all get to forever rhythmically witness, yet fail at time again at letting ourselves to utterly divulge

A surefire, unaBRIDGEd must – sink or swim, we truly do decide by the final end

No comparisons to which, for this is warts ‘n’ all Bandon