She appears to have opened up her eyes and mammoth of mind: not really minding so very much

Anymore- how her inTELLigence lets itself see-AND-breathe in equal measurement
Was it really meant to be so very intricately played-both-LAID out, though?! A rather… indescribable yet sincerely SELF-exploratory thing

Of socially enraptured emotion/s and STANDING
With these peripherALLy idioSINcratic PEopLE: they’ve even been taking their own touch-of-time..

to let her dutiFULLY know, that they’ve been w-a-t-c-h-i-n-g her (might of) STARRY-EYED mind mEaNdEr AND F-I-N-D

A thousand ways of saying (and ALL) via EAGERLY expressive PAINT: JUST how much the WHOLE WIDE WORLD m-i-g-h-t mean to “US” exactly

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