Behemoth indeed is their die-hard, hard-crafted sense of activity. It has never been and NEVER will become.. such a VERY singular thing sIMPLY because, the cause Is FAR GREATER than..

The deathly d-i-v-e / to that pedantic place irreparably bleak and certainly cReaTiVely inhumane, actually..

We have w-a-t-c-h-e-d them sweat, haveEVEN very nearly WATCHED THEIR sweat-ridden bodies sweat all by THEMSELVES. This undeniable AND self-propelling example of One Too Many Brains Put AgainstTheFlame;

Failed at believing

In ANYTHING ELSE OTHER THAN/ tHIS atrocious intrusion of terrifically treacherous thought NOW(!) When you REALLY ought to

Have made (for yourself) another route to the WHOLE WIDE-AWAKE WEIGHT OF THE….. truth whilst your beautiful mInD tried, tries, and w-i-l-l stILL (valiantly) T-R-Y

to inordinately DIE:

A little BIG b-i-t DEEPER inside: insisting all-of-this and ALL by itself: has it really ALL-OF-IT been

Something irreparably disputable and equally humane, actually? Absolutely.

HowEVER. AND particularly THIS pART can in-fACT a-c-t to matter THE EAR-SOAKING MOST
That they came with an added bonus feature of a support-system so very physically AND MenTaLlY motherfucking uNiqUe that we cannot but ——-

Realign our VERY-OWN prioritised mindsets (with time) AND our very own sEnSe of endless aforementioned priorities so as to
Bring them back –

time AGAIN!! – to this plACE that IS all of it ours, AND THEIRS(… …)

It has to have been masterFULLY magnificent, actuALLy… even if They May Well Have
n and f-a-i-l-e-d to see it, let alone SEIZE IT ((ALL!!) any time soon..

For themselves- 1st-person iMpROpErlY human(!) Holy shit, though… … HAVE they TOUCHED the circumference of the Sun

ONLY one!