These particular people spoke as hard and as harsh as anyone else could ever choose to Imagine; and they did it with their eyes widening and their aforeMENTIONING of minds acting —->

Rather aDdLeD, in FACT. They have come here to sit and stalk The Testosterone Bones of their very own, to portray a level of complete and cutthroat concentration, actually — and, all awhile, everyone else and their septuagenarian Son cannot help but

Carry an alternative version of a vIsiOn throughOUT-to-the-TruTh(!) It HAS to have hurt them (that time) when their aDdLeD MinDs DiD

Fund the time all of their very own PREVIOUS AND ACTUALLY LACKLUSTRE accord:: shotguns and hacksaws and all things ludicrously delicate and sp-LIT at the Ridges, which can, AND will — “cause their BonKEr$ brains to go SPLAAAAAT times ten(!!!!!)”

Their veins to re-OPEN again and InJect… A Latter Day Sense Of Productive Poison Perhaps…