They catch the light and admit to the might of insurmountable defeat: these deflated, self-hallucinatory egos which WILL go…

Farther than ANYONE can EVER truly know! They’ve even very-nearly UPSET the whole damn structural thing, with their fists tWiSteD, their bent knees bleeding… and their minutiae-of-mInD comfortably-both-COMFORMABLY

HoStIlIzEd- “Oh, my: What May It Take..”

For these people
To wake themselves UP yet again…

And for them to s-o-l-e-l-y admit (to themselves)
That defeat is IN-FACT(!) a two-way street— a CON and a serioUSly sequential thing “all of its own!!”

Prone, pretty little brain-led individuals: divi-DING their flighty minds EXCITABLY be-TWEEN this person and THAT

Matter of actual fACT: “they’ve admittedly been acting ALL-sorts of REALLY ought-to have owned… … their VERY own sense of LiFe” as they SHOULD(!) know it – f-l-o-a-t-i-n-g as though a ship in a glass bottle, captured and GLAD of the mere, EAGER reprieve for now… … …

Upside down and BEAUTIFULLY (Left) slightly askew. It IS “few, few… “PHEW!!!” who T-R-U-L-Y knew
How to make miracles amount amid this dire SeNsE of circumstantial EVIDENCE, and it DOES indeed tend to decipher-and-DeNt

Their cantankerous souls SOME-MORE, ‘til left (Itself) to soulFULLY(!) deliberate, deCONSTRUCT and pUrElY pontificate.. amid this endL-E-S-S SeNse of

NINE/out/of/TEN times PASSIONATE and sensual bLiS$. They’ve been kissed by creation and it feels like an OcEaN of wonderfully ambiguous UPHEAVAL!

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