They catch the light and admit to the might of insurmountable defeat, these deflated, self-hallucinatory egos which go…

Farther than ANYONE CAN ever truly KNOW! They’ve even very nearly UPSET the whole damn structural thing, with their fists twisted, their knees bended and bleeding… and their minute mInDs left comfortably

HOSTILIZED – “Oh, my: What May it EVEN take..”

For these people
To wake themselves UP again…

For them to solely admit that defeat is in-fact a CON and a serioUSly sequential thing –

“All of its own!”
Prone, pretty little brain-led individuals dividing their minds irresistibly be-tween this person and that

Matter of actual fACT: they’ve admittedly been ACTING all sorts of really ought to have owned… … their VERY-OWN sense of LiFe

Upside down, slightly-both-BEAUTIFULLY (Left) earnestly askew!

It IS few, few… “PHEW!!!” who knew
How to make miracles amount amidst this sense of dire circumstantial EVIDENCE, and it DOES tend to decipher and DeNt

Their cantankerous souls ‘til left themselves… … to soulFULLY(!) deliberate and pUrElY pontificate amidst this endL-E-S-S SeNse

Of NINE/out/of/TEN times sensual bLiS$

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