Why not build it right up and tear it on down till surround sound vilified – he’s been bursting these banks again and no one can intend whether or not to match his utterly utmost gusto

The barrel-of-laughs show and she knows it so very well, sees it every single other memory-making day

Make outlandish hay as he already has indeed done only nobody cares to bother themselves to let oneself know

It is simply delirious, loaded with multi-faceted bullets
A legacy, (none too) silently driven amidst all of this – begins right here at home

Directly perched to gladly interrupt, above that parished … unknowingly perishable town, that can and shall break many a juxtaposed reputation to which

We all see it, never threaten ourselves to say it

Watch his intrinsic words, for it is exactly the same sane reason why his mundane days are so goddamn derogatory slow
Poses a threat unto only ever himself and knows it above anyone else

The cog is caught on high end anxiety and she just MUST let it go
There is frustration and, then… there is unfairly pressed THIS

Nothing truly occurs…
Catch him if you can and, perhaps,
finally will
Thrilled to be fuckmost outrageously distilled

Perfection can go drain itself dry
Eerily enclaved by aforementioned THIS and THAT mother-f…… mind boggling thing called hearsay

The lonely dog’s best is still his paralysing aside beautifully hurting worst