It isn’t that they didn’t do whatever they needed to do, but rather that—-) the confused nature of their CONtractual masterpiece seemed to have had its very own state of EACH-TO-THEIR-OWN wherewithal; and even IF we did reckon it to have been a whole-wide LEARNING PROcess By the ending of dAzE, it is s-t-i-l-l a LiViDlY repressive thing, INDEED, and in

THAT particular moment of(GIVING AND T-A-K-I-N-G)m-e-a-n-i-n-g to amountTo Something Other Than.. laugh-out-LOW demeanour

—->>> They DO s-e-e-m to have had the u-t-t-e-r-l-y Audacity To Live Their Wild-eyed lives// and at WildLy RambUntioUs pace, actually.

“What we appear to have been through:: is NOT for me OR you(!)”