Their Nature Has to have been stranger than Anyone can ever PREimagine it JUST SOVERYWELL(!) What they have achieved is to remain: tied to their own source of WantAway Brain. The battles that take most people AWAY- and to a place of barkingMAD and antagonised AnxIeTy, indeed!! They have POSSIBLY FELT every little next nUaNcE oF ThInG. And WHAT(?) we are F-e-E-l-I-n-G RIGHT NOW is:: “abruptly NOT on purpose, actually.” IS IT all an act(?!?) Fact, OR DETAILerrific fiction?!

As these delirioUS people and THEIR quandary of ENDLESSLY SUGGESTIVE questions c-e-a-s-e-l-e-s-s-l-y abound, and the landscape HAD to have ShApeD its very own state of destiny —

questions QuEsTioNs… a million more of the same INsane thing and they will

Sit with it and witness [IT] aforeMENTIONED antagonise their—->

Starry+eyed AND DevelopmentalEyes::: setAgainst theAforeMentioned Shape of their favouriteBest reminiscing memories, plEASE(!!)

Let it be, Far FAR Easier with TheTurn OfTHIS particular century… … … of sorting it all out for the sake of remaining
… “here, there… and everywhere, PLEASE(!)” Let. It. Be—

an utterly silenced AND sortifiable thingThisTime
Because these eyes have seen it all and they will not lie