A natural graduate of bespoke brilliance indeed

Exacting is her individual aplomb, amid the dancing of (this) single blue button nestled mysteriously amongst all sorts of golden reprieve – the “clothes poet” who has begged since the endless beginning.. to get to carefully create outlandish art

Fabricated Art of intricate happenstance that shall both can clothe and bathe each beautiful body which sits here before her (a high-end chance to catch the imaginative scope of her dancing diamond eyes)
And minus any standard of additional acrimony courtesy of these failed people’s and their envy-laden whisperings..

Although, word on the beatnik, offbeat street has it that she’s been breaking that cast-iron divide

Middle, Baby!”

By authentic and intricate manner of instantaneous circumstance – whenever really, all adolescent eyes eagerly train themselves back upon maddeningly concentrated levels of invested intellect

Entirely driven is she, to momentously mix-n-matching

Till marvellously fabricating…

“Unforgettable FASHION, please!!”

And, ever still, each of her gentle fingers will jump, twist and bleed.. till bewilderingly altering the seen-to-be impossible

Amid a rampant and dancing pair of ferociously fanatical hands

Yet, it appears to be that the real mastery of disentanglement lies all in the eyes – dancing diamonds one of a kind.