He sits a trembling, methodical mess
Been meaning to amount to all-out-war, all of these incredibly humorous aside rather playfully suggestive things
The modern day mogul: The Joker on acidic poison, to have and to willfully cherish against our every better known will and to hold ferociously so
This boldened exterior, flagrantly, oh so downright dangerously set interior
An angst-ridden man both inside to desperately, all too distastefully within
To manhandle this particular high-art part as though his seemingly so very last stand in this whole wrongfully unjust world of ours
Pardon our unmitigated negligence to your peculiarly drug-infused plight, a lapse in daftly gone awry concentration
You were but a sinking to shrinking violet sensation
These seriously widened cotton-mouth jaws are frightfully reminiscent of your lacklustre downfall cause – we pause for silkened thought to offer you this garnered out of respect Oscar
Twice as right, the bestial man who Jack Nicholson never was, and that, my posthumous friend, is to say a helluva lot 🙂