If there is an awe in anything then there’s surely+both+purely been: “an awe-inspired instance happening inside of languishing eyes. They’d

Really wanna stop trying to rule-the-ROOST and return themselves to impending SENDER:: “plEASE!” We aren’t even the slightest bit remiss about our own way of incalculably thinking, been inking and passionately asking for other people to PRIORITISE our wisely Ol’ WHISKEY-led ___ _ … eyes.

The seething, living thing about asking for undivided aTteNtion is the mere and EAGER failure to MENtion… just HOW(??) hard they went at

Unsettling someone eLsE for the sake of their own destitute disTRACTION. “The purest {peril of} person didn’t even have to have been _ A-okay-!$H and also OUTLANDISHLY-aFraId all of the while…

Aforesaid languishing eyes start to fondly summarise their own state of effed-UP delirium. She’s being brutishly portrayed as PraGmAtic and a certainMOST catastrophe in the making: “even though we’ve Let Her (As Willingly Wished For) THE MOTHER-EFFING-hell alONE(..)”

It’s excitement time and it’s also the time-of-year for fears and other outrageously upside-down, mindPummEllInG things to send

—->> … … “these fearFUELLED people to An Early Dostoyevskian Grave(!!)”