Basically they’ve been talking here about going too close and coming too near To CrEaTiVe DespERAtiON altogether, As he upsets the paintbrush to make his mind R——U-S——h

Atop of an AvIdLy awaiting page: his weatherbeaten body, broken down bone— no stopping him now… about to set iconoclastic fire to the 3rd bar…

There they ALL were: drinking, whining, dancing AND DiNiNg inside of his merrily over-ACTIVATED MinD, set UPon

Mindful reWIND, “remind me, please.” He says – EXACTLY how he HAS achieved it before
All creatively ironclad doors SUDDENLY-BOTH-SIZABLY Opening Wide..

As his concentrating eyes take the tenderness of TiMe A(gain)
To crash his naughtyminded brush against its calling-CANvas ‘til it Falters and S-n-a-g-s

Its tantalised bristles until.. an unexpected mistake takes perfectly ImPeRfEcT precedence AGAIn(!)..

yes. “His mind IS for rent, to the HIGHEST, most TrUsTwOrThy bidder on eARTh!”

Even if his bank balance has in fact been dutifully submerged someplace unpredictable yet Refreshingly REAL

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