Just about unmatchedly so
Suppose we fail to rhyme
We break it all down for intricacy alone
She’s a-scared for its dreaded worth, it shall stay her awake at night
Can you not simply see that she’s toying with its every known distraction – plying herself by upsetting this particular applecart
The balance is notoriously difficult to assume, to settle a bounce-about line while professionalism hits her curvature wayside and falls out of amorous reach – alas, we don’t know what we got ’til it’s sizeably gone, will have to be rather memorably forgotten
To stretch and preach as opposed to remain resolutely devoted to a ferociously popularised and mundane thing
To write and create ’til these over – embellished characters finally take her hand and invite her to settle her courageously skilled soul, supernatural something she yearns for from a cat & mouse beginning
The rhyme has been killing her being, these altogether simplistic rules can be the rudest thing, don’tcha know
Recall she’s only just beginning to learn