Noises – abusive silly little meandering noises; people blindly pierced with swords of evil . Divulged with-in their tired bodies built for both bruise and mayhem . Emptied souls sold, panic-stricken amoral people entirely enticed into diving right the way back inside – the fuller inner-circle of the “cathedral of mind” !

Plain-view-of-sight and all acting fair typical of their illustrious selves sometimes : when all eyes manage at thinking … in some sense for themselves .

A man of many maneuverings
Miraculously, maniacally… … Painterly even, perhaps ? A three-tiered thing of tumultuous approval

As the modern-day goddess of enhanced distraction continues to move her beautiful body … and at a pace of pure-and-diligent upheaval – especially for Him !!

Yes. He’s been single-handedly penetrating the surface of her soul with his paintbrush for a magnificent while now, baiting that tantalized smile ’til brought back to life