Reaching for that endless level of re-elected intellect she appears wide eyed and earred and, for suuuure, as pure as a purely precious piece of beautiful bewilder(.) “We were

Anticipating nothing anymore and eagle minded acting— about as disenfranchised as humanly IMpossible.”

What if though: they poker faced their noses against the Neanderthal grain(??) “It has to have been unequivocally InsaNe which way these particular people

—-) sent their DeNteD BrAiNs.” Yes, we’ve been thinking too much and “Y-E-S(!!)” there’s been an endless Sense Of SelfImpassioned and problematic apprehension.”

However, We will have to take the time of mind to treaSURE.. just how much magnificence had been singlehandedly achieved. Braced and brave little botchedUP bitches indeed—-

Inner-wardsAttempting:: “to cause everything to finally fRiSsOn and feel its way in(…)”