there’s to be words for the way she wandered then there’ll definitely be words for the way she speaks… with her supercalifragilisticexpialidocious momentum swayed at the hips…

She’s in all of the ways she’s wished to’ve been.. with her mindset, ahem… SET

On something utterly insatiable and at the SAmeTime: utterly unique.

They have crossed these mountains a thousand and ten times, have even very nearly caused their own early doors grave // it’s the brevity though, through it ALL and the utter attitude —> preordained and not ready to REMAIN:: in any such way Mayhem-filled.

They’ve gained an upper-hand with these types of things and if we CAN(!) call ourselves out again “then she might as well’Ve swayed with said hips— as they

Indulge themselves for a pretty and pole-enhanced penny.” There’s many who would swap with her deafeningly DELIBERATE imagination for the sake of one last sNaKeSpiN.

Inside of her UTTERLY+qualified STREET-SMART mind