We did design the brand new and utterly dutiful – fighting fit too, and oh so very FrightFul(!) It’s been a wOuNd~UP, silly little lifelike etching of a thing

And she shall end up seeming to’ve seen it all: in her own brand new braveness Of instance. She took the STANCE, to up-sticks and courageously relinquish this state of mesmerising OCD CONtrol…

over her HEAVY-minded Self. Fed-UP, she enters into yet another day of DaZed decision makings actually,

•And we will need to utter our whispering words IN HER LISTENING EAR, which will tell her the right kind of LINE —-~~~

•To TAKE IT (ALL) IN(!) “We were there for HER… even when her wonderful words get sLuRReD and stirred… … …

into stILL haVing to Somewhat(?!?) helplessly(?) recite these highly EXCITABLE pieces of

____ P-u-r-e-l-y prefabricated PROse.”