They were taking their time to bide+with+it again and s-e-e-m to divide extra-PARTICULAR opinion, indeed; what they do is they
— strenuouslyAttempt to rake it all back from nothing to Something EXTRA/extraordinary again. Speaking with this state of serenely sophistication, we were never REALly

Anything except toSay: “brave, brave LITTLE WANNABEmasterHeroes of unfashionable laugh-ability(!)”
“Attempt to:: Demonstrate something unIMAGINABLE and let the seemstoBe(.. .) Nothing rather fAiRlY tAkE (irreparable) care of itselfANNNNNDhardcastle Shape… .”

JeepersCreepers, where’d they get the$€ Class-Z, actually, uPsIde
n fraudulent drugsNow(?!)
Because.. we DO NOT wantTo abUSEthem until — “they seem to SEEK to f-e-e-l::: worth their W-A-I-T in undeniable angst OfUnderSTAND!NG..
upon our own two+feet again

“We were NEVER-really-Here, There… annnnnnnd(!!) everyWHERE(?!?)” even if:::: they will say a million other OUTRAGEOUSLY wRoNgWaYdown things now..

But the titles are therefore theirs beCAUSE… as theory would have it::::: the sh!ts that we gave have been multiplied by

Utter suddenBouts of Indefatigable discourse actually(.!)