No doubt about it, tourettes turned our world upside down
Right from the start
Way I remember it well, things first kicked off mid-history class
Crass words now and then, the pen utterly trembling, sending her into a downward spiral
Turning toward her best pal Nigel time again
Squirming, bordering on what might be deemed violent
As classes went by, he began to yearn the old Alice all the more
Nobody understood, how would they?
Once we got the diagnosis from the hospital all we could do was pray for better, far more straightforward days
However, the older she got the worse things were, little did we know it then but she kept a notepad hidden away in her bottom drawer
Those unruly not-so-secretive secrets only ever really fitting of a mental patient, or at least that’s what she and other people felt
Naive on her part, utterly ignorant on theirs sentiments
A young life about to become diluted with heady regret, quite possibly forever polluted
Never again to truly set fire to the 3rd bar, our beautiful child’s hopes and dreams dashed,  being unjustifiably jarred
Dig deep, dear girl, use what you got to steer your boat in the right direction, our impervious princess is allowed to make a mistake
Followed by an all the more impressive although equally suggestive correction