The cigarette and vodka were enough to let everyone know that HARRY DEAN STANTON was happy with his bit – far more than happy, in fact
People – with both adoration and adulation running right through them – wanting to know why he wasn’t the most famous face in the world
He chuckles, trying not too hard to take all of it in
The hearty laugh soon to follow suit will make this earlier choice of a chuckle appear all the more Zen-like
You see, he is driving his very own motor
Sitting here now perched inside of its behemoth home
Not the most handsome car out there but certainly worth taking a second, possibly third, glance
Dependent upon every other perspective
You do need to understand that the façade doesn’t matter one iota to the owner, it the absolute motor that counts for everything
Thinking about this a little more, he is, perhaps, one of the happiest, if not most famous, men in the world right this minute
Old and weathered to within an inch most definitely, but this all just seemed to add to a crazy and beautiful mix of life
A smile radiating, giving the grey skies that surround his lot an utter feel of heaven
Heaven on earth even when things might look rather bleak to an outsider peering on in
Never judge a book by its cover, my friend
That is all THEY will ever get to do, be outsiders with high hopes of catching a distant glimpse
Maybe distant was always going to be more than enough for Harry
For the time being, at least
One has to wonder, however, just how thirsty that motor might get
Will his particular garage always be enough?