Her lies the size of a thunderstruck sky ((at night)), of sordid and beastly behaving’s which SING – when they problematically ASKED for her PERSONality… THIS… order!!

To inesCAPABLY explain itself and to the bones of its both SHAKING & QUAKING being.

A sHaDy and lOpSiDeD individual of inhumanely divided attention spans, and courageously created amidst aforementioned beastly disorder of the bRAIN…

Yes, when it rains it does IN FACT P-o-u-r!!!
Atop that of a distorted and equally Abhorrent landsCAPE; escape, rather.

To drain these MANipulated people of misfortunate connection via calculated methods of said brain… … til ((their)) relationships sPLAY and f-i-n-a-l-l-y F

Oh my, and FALL by the WAY





Too many takes of times to (N)EVER GET TO COUNT themselves in AGAIN!!

Whenever her sarcastically driven SENSE-OF-ZEN REACHES FOR that particular and PRIORITISED, LIE-sized pen

Only, then… can we sizeably SEE a sense of aforementioned twisted Bliss- sweetly kissed and pressed ‘til DUTIFULLY DEPRESSED…

ATOP that of a page which waged with only ever… … … … … … …

Itself. A war with warbling and electrified lines (of mind numbing cocaine to feed the pain