When they’d been stirring something which didn’t make any sense to them, that’s precisely both PRECAUTIOUSLYwhen…

We all started to BeGiN= at believing again: in the truth behind the lies which tickle their NON-responsive~eyes.

It’s… probably a professionally MENTAL-thing, indeed.. of having been draaaaaaaaagged——>>>

TeN wAyS ToThE wInD(!) “Or… were we never really here but for:: absolutely everywhere else that will have US.”

When our nonplussed enthusiasms seem to have been AlTeRiNg their very own Sense of

Outward ENDeavOUR and Dostoyevskian~determination(…) even when… … .. it’s BEEN a wIlLdY deliberate kind of ThInG, “they cannot but stILL believe in having been..

Beyond the point of reminding themselves again.” And if.. there is supposed to have had been a pen in ALL OF THIS, then: “she might just choose to USE..

UPher favourite time in the wholeALIVE and adjustably aDdLeD eArth.” With two kids submerged MERCIFULLY
Neath and grasping… graciously at their

Unperturbed imagiNATIONS yet