Sidled right by, her demeanour appears to simply be
Sexually promiscuous in a wonderfully honest to goodness way

This ego holds no real meaning, but for a relatively normal need on people’s parts
To stand high-end fashionista apart

These seriously attention-attracting high-heels will reconvene and continue to peel a thousand men’s eye-lids, wider than these heavenly blessed – shuddered above, pressed til stressed classically against their better selves – blue-hue skies

Why oh why in this particularly uncalled for instance then did she have to be so very goddamn unforgettably impenetrable?

That is, until… He entered the soliloquy scene to create his very own meet-her-immediately-by-the-middle, words-worth-a-million-momentary-meanings-all-of-their-own magical show

He holds no known bounds, only to be permitted as such by her