Iconically speaking she is a fast apart masterpiece: as an evilly embedded feeling of awkward faced bliss will take over her transgression of soul some more. What ever she might have done to plainly abhor and distance her selves from these people Is Not So Very Ordinary, actually, yet DEFINITELY A THING OF defining bliss. All egos utterly illogical and self-alarming, really. As she sees something not too many others can feel.

It’s been this year of tumult and trained anticipation because.. she had to have been ruled by an unasked for (UTTERLY!) alter-ego

Ergo, here she goes again: with her mind and body and aforementioned soul supposing the MOST

To get out of this wide world of mind framed mundanity, actually. That IS in fact where-IN
EXACTLY: an icon of our time does bReAThE fresh breaths of delight filled air

Spare a thought for her because… she HAD TO courageously SPARE and repair ALL OF THEM every minute of every second of EVERY SINGLE WAY…

One mind can iMbALanCe and mEaNdEr
In fact, there should be statues and NOT attitudes