There’s nothing in it, really; just this.. tenacious sense of sense filled tenacity actually— that we have done it all before. Adjudged AND Adjudicated Ourselves justifiably amidst

Seen to be MentalMenialDelve(!) Thrive and take as long as they might MayHaveLiked.. even though, a long time Ago

That call to arms was already Steadying and selling itself offFarFastANDferociously, We… were… “probably acting a little-big-bit all too

Inadvertent with ourselvesAgain: and taking it all a little BIGbit(!!)” So very Secluded and Seriously.

When the reminders became… everything.. yetAgain. “When their pennies started adding-UP to inconsequential evidence again and their eyes start to catch lightning fire”