It’s exactly like dressing themselves UP in rather eye~catching Attire, Actually. They seem to think of themselves as these… hyperActivelyAware people. These seriously suitable and searingly SPONTANEOUS happiness~of~people —

And IF(!) they do w-i-s-h to change the whole scale of inESCAPABLElandscape then they’ll have to…

Tantalise their hands and Fight and unFORGETTABLY MUSTER-together: “all these strengths from sumWER(??) We e~v~e~n did it when—)) nothing-el$e occurs but for

MindFULLY((“ssshh!!!”))everything.” It’s… been waiting in these wideCLOSED, actually, AND singsong WINGS, and we cannot but feel—— …

Incredulous at what it did and stILL w-i-l-l take.. to break~bounds with a differing sEnSe oF sOcIeTy~again. Willing to touch Paradise and still FEEL

Undeservedly l-O-s-T(??) “F*******ck no(!)” Their Dostoyevskian~minds were forever~for~RENT and irreparably HelLb£nT, as we stand~TALL

& forget to
l . This time / it’s appearing.. specificALLY Priceless – “As is their Bonafide Deliverance of being.. strong amidst the Storm.”