Nearly there
In many ways
Still oh so hard
To shake the damn thing
‘Til it’s well & truly off my back
Onwards & upwards
The cigarettes are one mother
Of a crutch
That needs to go
Focus through the pain
‘Til you’re over the other side
I’ve done a lot more
Than I used to
& now I want a book deal
Otherwise what’s the point
In writing these things
I’m running out of things to say
I mean I need to get out there
Do a little ‘research’
But tonight I’m going to
Fall into bed
& read a book
A biography on
Muhammad Ali
Should be good
If I can keep the monster
From my back
Sidestep the flack
Keep on keeping on
‘Til I don’t need to smoke anymore
Can let my real personality
Come to the fore
Once more
I have to be proud of
What I’ve achieved
But I’ve this feeling the
Better I get
The worse my poetry becomes
But maybe that’s just me
All I could think about in the gym
Was how my book would look in
A bookshop window
A published one
Not those cheating
Self-published ones
I wasn’t paranoid
Wasn’t looking over my shoulder
All that much
But it still does persist
It just damn well insists
Imagined myself on ‘The Late Late’
With Tubridy
He’ll have to do
Talking about my book
Him telling me
How awesome it was
I’m a full-blown dreamer
I am