She stands ultimately above, absolutely permitting herself her own individuality
Natural by all known and tested accords
Tragedies do indeed touch the bone of her being but never go so far as to caress, we hold our proud hands in the gladragged air and admit to a lasting impression having eventually come over us all warm and delightful
By her need to breathe via these lavishly set stepping-stone stories of rather superfluous sorts – pushed, pulled and weaved to cause a backbone akin to nothing else we may have ever seen, it will glisten and gleam for a century long
She continues to coat it in rapturous gold ’til finally transforming these frozen-solid eyes from sad to almost bearable – therein lies the truth of her absolute flavour-filled nature
Coloured quite like the bleeding rainbow
Utmost prepared to preach to a point of nauseating upheaval, thieve away the whole of our monstrously mundane existence – perilous ’til, then, she came right back into our hearts
Stop-start, just the manner of armour which we have come to love
Smiling hard, suited and mysteriously gloved