My Comebuino called the other day
To say
Said that all was well
Everything running smoothly
We shared a tin of biscuits
Over a coffee or three
She snapped at the jam tarts
Coffee will always be the way to my heart
She asked if everything was alright
Not completely
I had to concede
All the same
I informed her I was trying my damndest not to give a shite
She smiled
Told me how proud she was of my progress
Folded her legs
Left over right
Delighted with the new dress
She’d just made for herself
The doll-maker & the poet
Even if we didn’t really know it
We did our thing
About any such ‘talent’ we weren’t as yet prepared to sing
It from the rooftops
She’d a family to run
I was mid-recovery
Still unable to run
Headfirst into things
Maybe our emotional side has helped
When it comes to the creativity
Her Waldorf Dolls second to none
I get good feedback
When it comes to my poems
Happy when I get the rhyme right
Add the odd pun
Here & there
Let me be honest now
Comebuino isn’t actually a word
That’s a silly fib
Rather absurd
It’s a ‘word’ the doll-maker came out with
When she tried to spell ‘connection’ on her mobile
Her hands may be the most gifted
But it seems technology is going to take a while
We’ll continue on
Take the good with the bad
Happy on top of the sad
Keep on keeping on
‘Til we’re smiling hard
My Comebuino
If it ain’t broke don’t fix it