They spun the wide web and made it all make hella kinds of kindly sense (again) and they’ve been relying on their minds far too way too wide a time now.. even though, the break in the lonely ol layabout Line

Was NEVER, ever so very lonely actually. And when the clock rocks and rattles again andAgainst.. the breaking of dawn that’s precisely when.. we begin to —

Make sense of the upside down nature

Of a standing-still, acrimonious masterpiece. We will be okay, the kids will be alright.. and night as well as rain…

It’s a One and Only(none too lonely) return // to belonging to ALL THE RIGHT KINDS OF

Kindly people indeed. They say this with their best breaths beautifully retrieved — and their minds finally

Finding themselves again. If you put a flame against their PREDISPOSED souls, it WILL be all magnificently EXPOSED.

“A flame of desire, a Neanderthal fire… which burns BRIGHT(and blue!!) inside of their childlike minds.”