We appear quite right by these particular accords
Truth is he’s managed to turn the tide, for words to bounce-about, make seriously individualised sense
Once again
It never truly became a difficult endeavour – this mind worked it right the way to stay immediately forthright
A ridiculously safe aside flabbergasted to imaginatively see rung above
To rehash, re instigate, fair masterfully placate a story one simple deliverance per intermittency
To hell with these naysayers, judgemental jealous little begrudge-mental people who cannot see the forest for the tree of deceit from which they will sit perched besmirched
Go on, say it: challenge me
He’s creating to make up mammoth words with the all-encompassing insurance within of debatable instances
By that age of old boy Heaney embarked upon, rest your angered right now head relatively assured that he will transform pretty little pretense-ridden pretenders from that – swarmed bystander’s atop hands dug deep – into manic fans
And no, they indeed don’t make them such as this anymore
This confidence is all a ploy, so you need to know
There’s easy, then there is undeniably free rein insane
And yes, it’s about as natural as the day he was born to be keen-eyed
So fully far twenty percent of a hundred percent deal