We didn’t think what they did was all too obvious actually. They were highlighting the right stuff whilst the rest of us

Blasted our way into… another source of understanding. It’s completely forged AND OFT FORGOTTEN what’s happened to them (all) –

The only people in the world with their backs to the wall and their eyes still gazing RIGHT through you to I(!) It’s probable that we have

Entered into YET another state of affairs. It’s even quite possible that we have ended UP answering our own mind-numbing questions enough thankless times —

To move about from where to ThERe.. to anywhere, Really, which will happily have uS. It’s o-u-t-r-a-g-e-o-u-s how hard they went and will be going at this thing again.. and again.

||And if we really want to need to make holY-fuck amends then we should {ALL} try at —-

AbrUPtly ANTAGONISING the insides of their futile minds. It’s ott and certainly overbearing to have witnessed their epic crawl y’all back to ~~ “unasked belonging.”

||Are they {truly} longing to stay the distance? “Probably NOT, actually, and that’s absolutely fine and thanks for asking.” But to t-r-u-l-y put the purest sort of people at ease we will need to make

It feel==>> rather… riotously brand-new actually, “and if they r-e-a-l-l-y need to take an EAGER(… … …) best breath {for themselves} then that’s fine too.” Any why, you might Ask. Because it fucking needs to’ve been ___ borderline

UnforFUCKINGgettable!! How hard she worked to make it all feel {as real as her patchwork mind always had imagined} – even if: the threads are split as were her wItS