When they REpresented paradise with a sense of meticulousness in their delinquent~bones, onlyThe1: and she did seem like

A rather fairly JadEd individual:: “these hard~knocks DuElS between— a million differing membranes actually.

There’s utterly this Dostoyevskian dIffErEnCe between, too, You and He having been” —-..)))
These strangely~Adorable~Creatures with Their, ahem.. forNEVERfeatures. Set in

Glass-caseBE~wIlDeR, indeed(!) “We shall be—->> purposely paling into significance and watching the WEIGHT, As we W-A-I-T for yet another dIRe Date with Dostoyevskian~destiny.”

Yes(!) “there’s a child in their~SumWER and seeking for their forged Forgiveness, and it appears to want to need to //—>> carry (with it) cAuTiOusLy its own

Soul~bEaRiNg$.” Even if, they’d been doing this (nErVeShAttErInG…) thing with their hands and eyes and MinDS set Anticipatorily UPon

— “F-I-R-€!!” She’s the called~OUTcreator of ALL that was gr8(!!) —- “maybe” .. Or(…) Maybe

She’s just another replicated vErSioN Of ThE exact same Person – a sitting still and multiplied~inebriation who will try and make a million decisions