They are interested in developing it all actually, in having been past the level of pretence and all other WideAWAKE things:: it’s upsetting to see a sellout crowd right here (IMMEDIATELY!!..) ONLYminus any of us, indeed

The far reaching nature of this particular boxer is a range all of its own regard: “she’d regarded herself certainly BEAUTIFUL AND NONE TOO, ahem, hurteded anymore.” They can take the girl out of Hartlepool but the pool of blood in her heart remains DAFTLy over ambitious ….(!!!)

When they shook tHeMseLves up that is when(?) the state of internal dialogue caused its own sense—- of aforesaid.

We were searching for a SLAUGHTER~HOUSE soldier when she found herself to be:: her OWN home-spinning of mindfully S-I-L-E-N-T MULTI~millionaire— watch her stare”

InTo the darkness~of~eye of YETanother homespun heroine – a boxer, a female TRANSATLANTIC ProDiGy… An AmericanChamp who(?) j-u-s-t might – “TONITE!!”

Riotously so Manage
At tUrNinG this whole bonafide bout on its beatbox Head. Again, and for one NEXT/last time … . “Why. Not(?!)”