That gradual shift in entire enthusiasm; that cutthroat desire to feel the most FELT things imaginable. It’s

A concoction of… three separate elements ACTUALLY and they shall… “all of them talk about the wander- AND WONDER-of-words that no-one else shALL FEEL. We are… brazenly prodigal SonS and for the sAkE of setting ourselves UP for the

Mightiest fall known to any man.” Of clans == they open their MESMERISED eyes and listen with their GENTRIFIED minds again… to the

Gargantuan nature of a nurtured… enthusiasm. It’s all egos in here, maybe… and t-h-a-t will need its very own necessary dulling-DOWN now.

If they WERE seeeearching for anything else then we might just feel—- dragged to the back of the class and admittedly ASKED—->>> “how will it feel to have

Instigated this HardWireD state of Unpardonable Apprehension(?)”

actually; so ******* long as they Let. Us. Play: “the game in the sAmE way as Everyone Else does these DaZe(..) Because, SO FAR.. it’s been J-U-S-T like shovelling cement with a feather inside of their heads