She stands alone with her hand pressed against her warlord chest, she hopes to have made an impression, because this is all that she surely knows
She’s proposed to God knows who, battled on through ’til these hopeful few too many came and saved her from absolute torture aside unmitigated upheaval – an only daughter with the most serendipitous fixture set in folklore stone
Prone to whispering silken sentences amidst the enemies lambasted ear and tearing their each and every ludicrous world apart
Inside of her contagious mind’s eye lies this standalone art which will sooth any know man and his constant family
Remember when we needed her the most, a perfect host with jingle-jangle bells painted upon – an unforgettable choke-hold of merry sorts quite like no other
She dressed herself on up for an hour of a cocktail-filled evening to appear to be incredibly serious when, really, she was anything but
The rather problematically flamboyant strut far too much for anyone to ever forsake – when they get to settle their veteran souls and take her for warts ‘n’ all