If there is an inch of effervescence then they had a mile of magnanimous forgiveness, and it’s not even the right age to’ve been that way; they seem… addled at the end of their brilliant tethers, and that’s fine actually. So far as they

Let themselves creatively cradle one and ANY OTHER that’ll do fine, “thank you(!)”
All of the uncontrolled people are

Faking their own Dostoyevskian deaths to send themselves, ahem, back, actually, to this place wherein

Wildfire burns oh so curiously indeed. It’s a non-inclusive event we went to and were meant to meander and meet with the death of Dostoyevskian, Too.

Few people have walked the tightrope known as LifE and they will always be quarrelling with all of everything. That’s a typical and undesirable – albeit sometimes desirable, too – state of endeavour for their angered faces to partake in ==

Is that really an Albino clown and a light blue cow placed one aligned alongside
The other? “And if so, let’s let us lose our minds together, yes?”