This burden was not InFact Dostoyevskian; not even for a split of a shredded second(.)

It’s been q-u-i-c-k and immediate.. and it’s been.. gaining its own state of steed.

“We.. are not… in any mannerAT~ALL(!!) interested in being..
All about dragging our BONE-FREE limbs from here and BACK to anywhere else which WILL ((((not))))have US.

—)Anymore than everBEFORE(!)” The instigated state of our barrel~happy Brains Really is
A par~forPR. Stunt:: these parcel~wrapped parts of pretty~little~ugly~faced people::: “who’ve been acting perfectly petrified, actually.“ when they took their Brute Of Brain, and raised IT

To the next level of (Intended)genius (NOTnecessarily) NEEDED