Brilliant… absolutely brilliant!!
No two ways
Ladies & gentlemen, may I introduce you to the kind folks who set fire to the 3rd bar
Kind folks who stepped on up to the stage, a fair degree of rage going on
Did their very best to impress
Have their outrageous say
Always on song
Age amounts to nothing unless you are all too prepared to place one decade atop the other
‘Til everything should leave you perfectly smothered
Creating music that opts on choosing its very own surroundings
Unearthing and cradling those of us found to be nastily floundering
Sounding out all of your cries
Taking you back from the brink of extinction
Reset the clocks, here you go again…
Tick-tock, tick-tock
We propose a brand new life
Masterfully sanctioning you off, no soft underbelly here
No such room for further demise
If I say shut your eyes
You get to prise open what turns out to be rather wonderful
Jaw-dropping anecdotes that will only ever stoke the fire
You cope while we wait in the wings with rapturous applause