They’d been talking about turning something into… ahem, nothing actually; of having had the time of their lives

And dancing like those repeat~offending Dostoyevskian masterpieces — Of downright weird-and-wonderful mayhem.

“We were eating sausages and sniffing the inner=within of crazy ~ol CLUSTERF*CK~Cocaine when

It all went pear~shaped and= entered into (yet!) another dimension within = said Dostoyevskian brain

BE. B-r-a-v-e AND adDlEd sometimes

As they bring+IT=Back. With “Nescafé~QUICK(!!)” in the leadership~of~Neanderthal morning~time because…

they C-A-N… tie their loosening-of-mUrMuRiNg-heartstring to

Y-E-T another sort of sourced representation= “and IF(!) it did n-e-e-d to make merry~minded, Geriatric SenSe then.. why not(…)” skill-FULLY attempt to

adjustably aLtEr AND re+PRESENT(…) the date& THEDEEPfate of THEIR time in this particular life. It ain’t even all that little-big-bit excruciating although –

They, and we, D-I-D choose to cause a whole lot of aforementioned meticulous *mayhem, WHEN… “they did not have any particular way to speak

High-end: &Dostoyevskian cheeked.” And w-i-t-h that favoured-best-smile of theirs… pUlSaTinG at the eagle~eyed SeaMs.
Silly AS it seems.

*mayhem in this particular instance is referring to creating something… relatively upsetting with regard to the StUmBLiNg storyline