Their worth when it really all mattered did tend to take its own heart.. away; the crux of the jarred and battle hardened endeavour has to have – officially ended its own cyclical state of modular bliss

It’s been coming over all pink and rosy and RED AND definitely

End of DaZe event, which did its own head-in, actually
Hahahahaha hilarious is what it is and what we appear to have

Easily inundated ourselves with: the word of WiT has indeed been and done and gone..

-apeshit on its ((very)) own ass((!))
As they said since the shy faced beginning when BEGGER’$ WIVES WERE nothing else but for… … THESE NONRESIDENTIAL heroes, of utterly individual happiness, actually.

The fact is that they HAVE-TO-HAVE been these d-e-e-p-l-y deVOTED cRiMiNaLS and bOrDeRliNe buried WITH-in their VERY own sense of —-

Endlessly dispassionate entitlement, and we cannot but officially openUP OUR (rhapsodically wraparound) WORLD to THAT alternatively demonstrative thing called… … ..

CatastrophiCALLy eagerfaced awareness. Yes, it IS the bare necessities, it seems, and we cannot but FEEL the n-e-e-d to Bury Our OWN Brains:
Back at that plACE whereIN — they appear to Stand At The Plaintiff Plank and t-h-r-o-w their lives eNdLesSlY away(!!!)