She places her mind right by the doggedly suggestive underbelly – where this will take her down either way she may well look upon it
As such
This crutch of hers is entirely medicinal, silent by these intricately aside preposterously interwoven seams
Of a pretty, pretty fixture-list nature
Seriously prone to thinking things through for the ten of them – swarmed multi personalities becoming far too personal altogether
Quite. Possibly. Always. And. Forever?
Where there is a meticulous will there is absolute danger, to play aforementioned back against
A tethered brain set to rewind and buckle and sway
At outrageously unrecognisable will indeed
Please breathe upright to sightly proper – your diction-list extraordinaire turns out but a fastidious slur, appears to me
Lean in to murmur at my listening ear
We hold you hard as hell on earth while you crumble like crazy