Specialised ordeal of a strife-time… and he begins to wind right back down again within this bet ‘n’ brutalised mind – he’s been justiviolently imprisoned by this sitting wheel concoction of these romantically crushed, cracked and thankless canvases
Of suddenly so very undeniably silenced hers
Slipped away near another such region in another place midst other disgustingly distasteful times, indeed, no deed ever seen to be good enough anymore
Hence the poised ‘n’ pushed, gently readied paintbrush – rushed into oblivious pace ’til decidedly detrimental by sacrosanct nature
The sell-out soul, the one who illustrates her fixation soon as when these far younger, gun-posing strangers, yet still forever brothers-in-amalgamated-arms, will fail at happening for all of the righteous – riotous rather – reasoning’s
And the map back to belonging nothing but for an uttermost foregone, forlorn ‘n’ failed confusion
His mind has been burnt right the entire insurmountable way out of reach, surface breached – inexpressive detail midst mediocre pain, a dutiful govern-mental doctor’s aspect will pain itself to inevitably say it
As it shan’t ever get to let itself be
Beautiful again… if the comfort comes from anywhere, then the comfort comes from the barely-there acceptance

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